Ayala cruises to victory in 128th District

Published on November 11, 2012 by

After winning the Democratic primary, there was no doubt Christina Ayala would win the general election. The Democrats’ control in the city is absolute.

Ayala collected 3,143 votes, while her Republican opponent Manuel Batagua received 372.

Photo of Christina Ayala

Photo of Christina Ayala (Contributed Photo)

Ayala, 29, said she will now concentrate on serving the residents of Bridgeport.
Batagua, a native of Portugal, said that he knew he had no chance of winning in a heavily Democratic city such as Bridgeport.

Now Ayala has to report to court to face a pending case. One day after the primary, she allegedly hit a vehicle and left the scene. She returned only after a pedestrian chased her and convinced her to return to the spot where the accident took place.

A witness alleged there were two minors inside Ayala’s car when the accident took place. It also was alleged there was an alcohol smell inside the car.

The police officer who investigated the accident doesn’t mention any alcohol use in his report.

Ayala said she left the scene because she panicked when a man there began yelling at her.

A few days after the accident the chairman of the Democratic Party, Mario Testa, said he would not ask for Ayala’s resignation because nobody died in the accident. Tito Ayala, father of Christina Ayala and a former City Council member, commented that the other driver should have paid more attention to her driving.

On the day of the election Joe Maldonado, a business owner at East Main Street, said poll workers could not find his name at Luis Munoz Marin School.

“I went to vote around 10 a.m. There was such disorganization that more than 50 people left without voting. Finally, they found my name, but I had to drive to Barnum School to vote,” he said.