At 82, woman hears God’s call

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Emelinda Valdéz said it is never too late to get the call from God. “After all, I already had the land. All I have to do is dedicate it to God’s desire,” said the elderly lady of Dominican descent, who lives in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

Valdéz is a member of the First Baptist Church in Carolina, Puerto Rico. After accepting the Lord 40 years ago, she has been part of the intersection and evangelization ministries at her congregation.

Photo of Emelinda Valdez

Emelinda Valdéz is building a missionary house in the Dominican Republic. (Photo by Angel Reyes)

“I bought the land in 1970. It has been paid off for years. I had encouraged my children to do some investment or build for the family in it, but it has never worked out, there was always an obstacle. God works in mysterious ways,” she said.

The land is located in the center of Santo Domingo, the capital. It’s in the perfect spot for the missionary house being built, said Valdéz, because there are no churches around, and there is the need to spread the word of God.

Because of her age and health problems, it is difficult for Valdéz to move around, but her condition doesn’t stop her from traveling from Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic. With the assistance of relatives and a wheelchair, she manages to travel to see how the project is developing.

Very often she calls New York and Connecticut to motivate and encourage relatives and friends who have embraced the mission. That’s how she supervises the status of the fundraising in both states.

The missionary house, Christ Saves and Will Come, will host missioners from all over the world. It will provide community services such as food, health items and clothing to needy people. A space will be designed for a service twice a week. Valdéz envisions building a primary school on the second floor at a later date.

With the help of family and friends, Valdéz has managed to raise funds to clean the site, dig many feet into the ground to make sure there is good water, and build a cistern.
Now Valdéz has to raise more funds to complete the first stage of the project. Although they ran out of funds to continue the Missionary House, Valdéz, a woman with an abundance of faith, said, “God always provides.”

In an interview with the Fairfield County Independent, Valdéz said she named the ministry Christ Saves and Will Come because through 40-year relationship with God, she is convinced the Lord will come to earth for his church.

The first floor the ministry will include seven rooms to host missionaries, a service room, a kitchen, a prayer room, a dining room, and several bathrooms. Valdéz hopes to purchase a bus to pick up missionaries at the airport and transport them to the ministry.

Missionaries and churches will have the opportunity to utilize the services at different levels: They can either use the facility as a place to stay while their churches perform missionary work in the country. Or they can be part of the program of the Missionary House.

The mission is to spread the gospel by working on the following objectives:
1. To provide a place of contact and temporary residence to missionaries from all over the world.
2. To serve as a channel of health, food and clothing for families in needs
3. To provide primary school education.
4. To facilitate the missionary task through the work with local churches and to serve as a point of support and promotion of the missionary work worldwide.

The ministry is located at Calle 12 # 106 Ensanche La Isabelita, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

More information about the project can be found at or by calling 203-520-8211.

Said Emelinda Valdéz: “Come, visit us and let’s spread the word of God.”

“Go out into the highways and along the edges and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled.”
— Luke 14:23

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
— Matthew 28:19