Walk seeks to raise AIDS awareness

Published on October 26, 2012 by

More than 100 residents recently walked to raise public awareness of AIDS. The volunteers started the march at Washington Park on Barnum Avenue and Kossuth Street.

Stopping at pre-designated spot to drink water and rest, they followed the route to East Main Street, Boston Avenue, Noble Avenue and returned to Washington Park, where several people addresses the group.

The march was sponsored by the Greater Bridgeport HIV Care Consortium. Raphael E. Muniz, president of the organization, said, “We have executed the walk for 24 years to bring awareness and to ask for donations to help people with AIDS.”

Taking part in the walk were people from the neighborhood, other parts of the city and the state. Representatives of other organizations that treat AIDS patients also took part.

Lillian Pagan, who works for the Recovery Network Program to assist AIDS patients, said that she has participated in the walk for several years. She said the goal of AIDS activists is not only to help patients with the disease, but also find a cure.

Muniz said that groups participating in the walk also will be part of the celebration of World AIDS Day on Nov. 20 at the University of Bridgeport.

Other organizations that participated were Bridgeport Health Department, Optimus Health Care, Southwest Community Center, GBAPP and CASA.

After the walk all the participants gathered at Washington Park. Various speakers described their experiences struggling with AIDS or those of relatives who have AIDS.

At Washington Park, speakers said that people should tested for the AIDS virus. He said the test is very simple.

Speakers pointed out that there are effective medications for AIDS. In the 1990s the life of a person with AIDS was relatively short, but now with all the medications available, people with AIDS can live normal lives.

For more information visit www.optimushealthcare.org