Hibachi Buffet offers unique approach, diverse cuisine

Published on February 16, 2012 by

When customers first walk into the Hibachi Buffet, they are immediately struck by the pristine décor and the inviting atmosphere of the restaurant. They shouldn’t be surprised, however, as a lot of time, hard work and care was put into creating the establishment.

“We did all the work ourselves,” explained owner Mike Zsu, a Bridgeport resident. “We did everything, right down to the carpets. And it took us more than six months to finish. Believe me, it was hard work.”

That care and hard work is abundantly evident at Hibachi Buffet, one of the Park City’s newest restaurants. Located in the Upper East Side at 2536 East Main St., Zsu’s creation has been open a scant six weeks.

Of course, the décor is wonderful but the reason anybody walks into a restaurant is the food. That being the case, patrons are in for a treat at Hibachi Buffet.

The biggest gastronomic attraction at the restaurant is of course, the buffet. There is Japanese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Continental cuisine, American cuisine and just about any other cuisine you can think of.

“We have hibachi, sushi, American style food, lo mein American style, salad, pizza, barbequed chicken; just about everything you could want comes with the buffet,” he explained. “And it’s really inexpensive as well.”

Indeed it is. At lunch, the all-you-can-eat buffet costs $6.50 and for dinner the price is only $9.25.

“We know what the community wanted,” Zsu explained. “There is no other buffet restaurant in the city or in the surrounding towns. The closest buffet to Bridgeport was in Milford.”
When asked what opening a new restaurant entailed, the owner explained that it required a lot of effort.

“It was a big project,” Zsu said. “At the beginning, we never even thought about a buffet. We were thinking about a smaller place, a takeout place. We just couldn’t find the right space. Then we saw this place available on the Internet and we took a look at it. We loved the fact that there was so much parking available for customers and discovered that a buffet was unique to Bridgeport, we decided to open one here.”

Besides the buffet, there is also a complete lunch and dinner menu, complete with specials. Both the regular menu and the buffet are available for takeout.

“We have good food, good service, good prices and lots of choices,” said Zsu. “That makes our customers happy and when we have lots of customers that makes me happy.”

The official ribbon cutting ceremony for the restaurant will take place on Thursday, March 1, and will feature Mayor Bill Finch and other prominent park City officials.

To reach the Hibachi Buffet call 203 332-9088 or fax 203-332-9066.