Whiskey Blanket covers all bases

Published on November 6, 2011 by

Music is a safe way to have a voice and create a community. Whiskey Blanket embraces the ability to use hip-hop music as a tool for social consciousness about current social issues.

A diverse group, Whiskey Blanket consists of three talented members: Steakhouse (recording engineer, MC, producer, turntablist), Funny Biz (MC, cellist beatboxer) and Sloppy Joe (MC, violinist).

Coming from Boulder, Colo., all three members are classically trained musicians and incorporate fresh beats, some jazzy sounds, live cello and violin into their performances. Whiskey Blanket embodies old hip-hop and an underground lifestyle of music that demands more attention from fans.

The band’s music has created a community of fans with similar thoughts, beliefs and feelings about humanity. Inspirational messages about truths, honesty, life and sociological issues ranging from drug addiction, poverty and inequality and our nation are rapped about and spit out into the world, allowing fans to challenge society’s values.

The lyrics inspire fans to really question themselves and the society in which we live. Take the song, “Land of the Free,” for example. Its lyrics, “I hope we learn that life is a precious commodity,” are brilliant.

The group, which has been together since 2003, released its self-financed, independent record, “It’s Warmer Down Here,” in the 2004. In 2007, the album, “Credible Forces,” was released, and the group’s most recent album, “No Object,” took three years to make. It was released in December 2010.

Whiskey Blanket is a unique group of talented artists bound by music and it deserves more attention. The eccentric hip-hop-based beats and creative lyrics will leave footprints on the audience’s soul and thought-provoking messages to fans.

It looks like the group has a couple of shows lined up for Colorado, Utah and Idaho in January.

Check out their website (www.whiskeyblnket.com) for details.