Stratford man wins Times Square billboard contest

Published on October 15, 2011 by

For Ricardo Murillo to win the opportunity to advertise his company in Times Square is just a step to fulfill his dream.

On Sept. 23, Murillo received the big call. The voice on the other end of the line informed him that he had been selected among thousands of contestants to win the rights to advertise on a billboard in Times Square.

In an interview with the Fairfield County Independent newspaper he said, “It was great news because you never know how many people participated in the contest. To win promotion on Times Square is something big.”

It was all part of a contest promoted by the company “,” which is a subsidiary of AOL. The contest consisted of the recompilation of information from companies all over the world. It was promoted from Aug. 23 to Sept. 20. Murillo said that to win the grand prize, a company would have to get the most votes. All participants had to provide information about their companies including a profile of owners or the company’s founder.

“You never know who is watching the advertising. Thousands of people walk everyday around Times Square. Probably millions of eyes see the message. Maybe a big designer or a big company will become interested in my work,” said Murillo.

He submitted details about his work, design, graphic art and photography. He works in a studio at home. “I became interested in the fashion field since I was 15 years old. I always utilized paint in a positive way.” He said he painted caricatures at an early age. In the photography area he has worked since 2009. As a graphic designer he makes business cards and other products in that area.

The billboard will run for a total of four weeks. On Oc. 11, Murillo traveled to New York to attend a ceremony for the billboard unveiling. He was picked up by a limo in Stratford and hosted for three days in a New York hotel.

Murillo was born and raised in Norwalk, but his father is from Costa Rica and his mother from El Salvador. He hopes the prize will give a boost to his career.
“Perhaps I will get a call from a recognized company,” he said. But for the moment he is working from his studio at his home in Stratford.

SELFMATHEMATIKS Clothing, Photography Co. & Graphics is the name of his company. He said he relates the name to the acquisition of knowledge. “Now almost everything is related to math,” he said, mentioning that he includes mathematical concepts and details in his designs.

He designs shirts with figures to drive people to think. Also, he includes other details and political messages, hoping to motivate people to ask questions and become educated.

Murillo's Artwork

Artwork from Murillo’s company, Selfmathematiks.

Murillo is a member of the Bridgeport Hispanic Heritage Committee. He has worked with the community and is a positive individual who strives to send constructive and positive messages to people.

He said he hopes young people engage in actions that help them build good and healthy lives. As a self-employed son of immigrants, Murillo said that winning the award should serve as inspiration for Connecticut and Hispanics.

The company is registered with the social networks Twitter and Facebook. For more information call Murillo at (203) 520-6904 or email him at