LuLu’s Hot Spot lives up to its name

Published on September 11, 2011 by

This may be stating the obvious, but LuLu’s Hot Spot is the new hot spot in Black Rock.

Located in one of Bridgeport’s most eclectic neighborhoods, LuLu’s Hot Spot opened a few weeks back and immediately fit in with the charm and ambience of that enclave by the Long Island Sound.

Josh Reynolds and Rachel Landry Wright opened LuLu’s Hot Spot at 2926 Fairfield Ave. with an eye on enhancing an already thriving restaurant and arts and entertainment scene in Black Rock. And although the restaurant is still in its infancy, they have undoubtedly succeeded.

“This is my old neighborhood,” explained Reynolds, who now lives in Westport. “We think Black Rock has a lot of potential. The restaurant business has a lot of ebbs and flows, but I think we’ve gotten off to a good start.”

South Norwalk, another unique Fairfield County neighborhood, is a destination point filled with restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues. Most people going out for an evening in SoNo usually visit numerous establishments during their visit to the village. The co-owners of LuLu’s Hot Spot believe the same can be true of Black Rock.

“We’re kind of a linchpin,” said Landry. “Everyone in the neighborhood wants to be doing a good business. We’re right next door to the Acoustic Café and across the street from The Field, Neutral Ground and the Ash Creek Saloon. And that’s just a few places around here. The whole neighborhood is exciting.”

There is a definite feeling of welcome when walks through the doors at 2926 Fairfield Ave. The atmosphere is friendly, the bar is beckoning and the conversation is lively. LuLu’s Hot Spot is quickly becoming the Cheers of Black Rock.

There are also six wide screen televisions located around the restaurant and patrons can usually find a favorite sporting event on the air. In fact, LuLu’s Hot Spot is the place to be to check out your favorite National Football League team in action this fall.

And sure, there is a lot to recommend this bistro if you are stopping by for a cold beer or your favorite cocktail, but one of the main attractions of LuLu’s Hot Spot is the food. If not THE main attraction. And it is all reasonably priced.

The menu is varied and the choices are delicious, and Landry describes the cuisine as “eclectic comfort food.”

“The key is we use fresh food,” she explained, pointing out that the LuLu fries are hand cut and never frozen. “For an appetizer people can order an old favorite like chicken wings or nachos, but we also offer a hummus plate with raw vegetables.”

LuLu’s Hot Spot will also offer a Blue Plate Special at lunchtime during the week, which will vary each day. For instance, the Monday offering could be meat loaf with German potato salad and Tuesday could be turkey. There is a comfortable dining room but patrons are also invited to enjoy their meal at the bar.

“This is bar food made well,” said Reynolds. “You can relax with a beer and watch a game and enjoy a plate of nachos with chili and cheese. What’s better than that?”

The burgers at LuLu’s Hot Spot have already garnered attention, being named “The Best Burger in Black Rock” by Patrons can enjoy one of these burgers or a grilled chicken breast sandwich for just $6.

Other tempting dishes include a Buffalo shrimp wrap with bleu cheese, romaine, tomatoes and red onion, a hummus wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pepper and carrots, and sweet potato fries.

Another bonus for customers is ample parking.

Finding a parking spot on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock can be as difficult as finding a rational voice in Bridgeport politics: once in a great while there’s a convenient spot. LuLu’s Hot Spot features a huge parking lot directly behind the building, eliminating that concern.

So be sure and check out LuLu’s, It sure is a hot spot.