Adolescence And Our Society: The humanization of the rational being is hard

Published on July 31, 2011 by

Adolescence, the path of transcendence, which defines appearance and forms identity through brain maturity, requires the joint work of society.

Predestined to the magnificence of being human, conception starts, and parents begin the responsibility of preparing the environment for their children. The metamorphosis of all living beings demands care and intensive concern. Babies are welcome and usually they receive affection without limits. The years of childhood predetermine the stability of the development of adolescence.

Graphic of Art For Adolescents

(Graphic by Mary Treschitta)

When the circumstances of existence permit teenagers to arrive without trauma, “at 15… a teenager can understand and relate two or more abstract and perceived ambiguities and contradictions. At 20… the brain can coordinate different abstractions and begins to resolve contradictions. (Finally), at just 25… the brain is able to assess knowledge and combine extremely complex shapes, to build and evaluate new ways of understanding and knowledge. But these nuances extremely rich and complex emerge in adolescence only if given the necessary support, which may come from parents, teachers, trainers, youth of older, supervisors, spiritual directors or religious or other persons, to encourage young people to “exercise” its analytical and abstract thinking.” (Adapted from Kurt w. Fischer, director of the program Over Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.)

It is evident that teenagers at the age of 18 years are not adults, and it is unfair and very dangerous to hand over to them the helm of their ship during the most critical time of their development when we adults, their shepherds, have not prepared them for steering the vessel of existence in this enraged sea.

If society generally disregards the rights of adolescents with its laws, and does not support them through their period of growth where their humanity solidifies, they would fall into the tentacles of the criminal justice system and its punishments. Their full creative potential would be lost. In this 21st century era of unprecedented progress, prisons are the most populated university, where many of our young people receive their diplomas in crime and where they have no other choice but to wrap up their existence in their desolation, without hope to become citizens adopted by the human sacred-political society.

It was in the disorientation of the quagmire of their perception that children were lost, when their language had no voice, and in their desperation, they cried out, and nobody heard them. They had the feeling that not even their parents listened to their laments. We had raised them in a world of fantasy. Illusion had been their bread, and when they needed to face the harsh reality of existence, adults cornered them by providing them with licenses that enabled them to act like adults when they were still at an early stage of its maturity. At the age of 16, teenagers are already testing the limits of their freedom, the challenge of an amalgam of possibilities wakes the greed of their senses, and they embark on the danger of the adventures in their quest to explore the world to meet the delight of their transformation.

Not being properly prepared to manage the rudder, adolescents collide with their reflection and break the barrier of their limited knowledge. At this point, justice demands their presence, while they feel trapped by the network of injustice without their understanding because the societies, which have guided them according to its criteria, want most of our offspring to dilute in the fog of the slavery of ignorance.

Subliminally, society has numbed the mind of youth since their birth with the promiscuity depicted on TV shows, where young children have freedom to choose the forbidden. The music and its melodies that promote the delight of violence, the video games where the goal is to crumble life, spilling blood everywhere, and the latest invention, the computer with its cyber network that transcends the barriers of the universe and gives them the opportunity to enter in the intimate of the opulence of evil. There, the depraved contacts and meets with incautious teenagers, who fall into the trap, never to return. Alternatively, they start taking legal or illegal drugs that roughen their brain still in the process of development where the boys are looking for an escape from their holocaust.

In addition, the educational systems tie and muzzle children’s creativity in classrooms, where they lose the rights that protect their ideals, based on the innate wisdom that the new generation brings. The guide of our educational program does not allow the apprentices to express their feelings, and forces them to learn the philosophy and concepts from the voices of the past that still govern this supposed democracy in which we live.

Moreover, the self-esteem and self-confidence of our teenagers hide within the walls of the enclosures and these walls become silent witnesses to the dehumanization of our future leaders. Cornered by society, and on the pretext that they are hyperactive children, we provide them with anti-depressants from an early age. After they become addicted to legal prescriptions, and upon entering the freedom of their teen years, when parents lose control of their little mascots, boys experiment with prohibited drugs to become zombies in order to withstand the imprisonment of their own identity.

Their word, the voice of their conscience, has been overthrown by the power of society, by those leaders with the crown who do not want to get off their pedestal, afraid of being replaced by the geniuses of the 21st century. It seems that in the darkness, someone has proposed the extinction of the heirs, those endowed children of these times who are capable of perceiving the secrets of evolution and who under good guidance will rescue our planet from extinction.

Society, parents, religions, legislators have not noticed that if they do not radically change their laws, their educational and governmental systems, they will be victims of their own invention reaching their own genocide in their greed for the power of the world. It is obvious that when societies forget the respect that youth deserve by violating their rights of protection and counseling until they reach maturity and uses them as a spur of its own ambition, the results lead to the chaos of the equilibrium of the present and the catastrophe of the future.

Babies become children; children turn into adolescents, and juveniles into adults. After adulthood, forcibly following is senility, which brings deterioration of the mind and body to embrace the darkness of the last cycle of existence. If we do not have successors trained to continue rowing this vessel of our existence, humanity is doomed to extermination, and is not our Creator but ourselves to blame because rather than respect for the right to live, we are fighting with the Giver of Life to annihilate ourselves and our most precious gift, our children.