Pretty Lights shines in live performances

Published on May 28, 2011 by

The crowd goes wild and throws their hands in the air, trying to match the infectious sounds blaring out of the large speakers. Glow sticks get tossed in the air, bright lights shine in various directions and college kids wear bright, funky clothes.

Up-and-coming Colorado-based musical artist Derek Vincent Smith, known as Pretty Lights gets fans moving with inspirational beats. During live performances, Smith is often accompanied by musicians Cory Eberhard and Adam Deitch.

Photo of Pretty Lights

Fans enjoy a Pretty Lights concert. Organic, soulful, electronified and good-feeling vibes, freely shared by Colorado producer Derek Vincent Smith. (Contributed photo)

Although some people think the name Pretty Lights comes from the colorful, sensory experience that makes each concert visually appealing, it actually comes from a 1966 Pink Floyd concert flier that read, “Come and see the pretty lights.”

It is an attempt to capture the essence of the artistic eye through which people find beauty in the world by experiencing random moments throughout the day. The name comprises the little moments that stand out and can inspire a person to create something beautiful.

While in middle school, Smith was exposed to a world of music that changed his life. After experimenting with a few different bands and instruments, he became interested in electronic production and hip-hop.

He began making music around the age of 17 and kept on exploring, producing and developing his own style. Eventually he began performing music on his own and has released several albums across the span of a few years.

Smith releases music for free because it is easier to get his music heard, and the word of mouth has gone viral, evidenced by the loyal fan base that shows up to live concerts. Within the fast-changing industry, music can give rise to social change in many different ways.

Most classical music, along with the electronic music allows people to relate to songs with out lyrics, a broader way in which causes people to think about music in a new perspective.

Smith is a passionate, talented creator of music. He pulls from multiple genres from different decades and parts of the world and fuses the sounds together.

The main thing he strives for in his music is keeping a strong sense of emotion. It is not all about the beat but rather about emotion, feelings and high energy in every track.

Pretty Lights’ unique blend of multiple genres, such as down-tempo, electronic and hip-hop beats, allows him stand out from other artists.

Pretty Lights unites music lovers from all subcultures by finding a common ground by combing musical influences from both the past and present. Smith creates beats that fill venues with energy and emotion and turn the concert floors into dance parties.

Fans say Derek Vincent Smith is a musical genius and that he has a lot of heart and soul as a musician. Smith has incredible stage presence as he rocks back and forth to the beat in front of several laptops.

It has been said that he creates a “sound that can snap your neck while simultaneously shedding your tears. The sound is not only getting around, it’s spreading like a virus.”

Festivals offer a great opportunity to expose more people to different and new music styles, and Pretty Lights can be found among musicians who frequent them. Pretty Lights has appeared in several major American music festivals including Coachella, and has performed at Red Rocks.

Pretty lights is touring the United States and is scheduled to perform at several music festivals including Bonaroo Music Festival in Tennessee during the month of June and Camp Bisco during the month of July. Fans can continue to expect more fresh music and good shows.