Mystery of girl’s disappearance remains unsolved

Published on May 22, 2011 by

Nearly 10 years after Bianca LeBron disappeared from a city schoolyard, what happened to her still remains a mystery.

On the morning of Nov. 7, 2001, Bianca, then 10 years old, arrived at Elias Howe School. But, instead of entering the school on Clinton Avenue to attend class, she told friends she would instead go shopping with “an uncle,” who had pulled up in a van, police learned after family members reported her missing.

That day was the last time family or friends had any contact with the girl. At the time, Bianca was 4 feet, 11 inches tall, and weighed approximately 115 pounds. She had long brown hair and brown eyes.

The van and the “uncle” have never been located.

Bridgeport Police Department spokesman Tim Quinn said police officials with whom he spoke told him the LeBron case is “is still an active investigation.”

If Bianca is alive today — and there has been no indication she is not — she is about 20 years old and perhaps has a family of her own.

Over the past decade, the Bridgeport Police Department’s Youth Bureau has amassed a huge file on her disappearance and efforts to find her, but what happened to her is still unknown.

Efforts by the Park City Independent to reach Bianca’s father, Wilberto LeBron, who has been living in Florida with his three other children, were also unsuccessful.

Bianca’s disappearance last made news on Aug. 29, 2009, after a contingent of police officers, responding to a tip, arrived at Seaside Park during a Gathering of the Vibes concert.

They dug up a 1,000-square-foot section of the park along the shoreline while the concert droned on in the background.

Local police, who had been working with state police, explained they got a tip from a witness in an unrelated case, who indicated Bianca’s remains might be found buried in the park.

However, after a couple hours of digging turned up nothing but some garbage, bits of cloth and no signs of a body, police abandoned their effort.

Will Bianca, or someone close to her, come forward to end the mystery about what happened to her?

Or will the community or family members finally find out she is dead? Time will tell, or the mystery will prevail.

Anyone who has information that might help police learn what happened to Bianca Lebron may contact the Bridgeport Police Department or reporter Joel Thompson at