Carlos Silva in 136th race

Published on March 20, 2011 by

State Rep. Christopher Caruso recently resigned from his elected position. He accepted a job from Gov. Dannel P. Malloy as urban development advisor in the state Department of Economic and Community Development.

On Feb. 22, the constituents of the 136th District have the responsibility to go to the polls to elect a replacement in a special election.

After carefully analyzing all the candidates, we have decided to give our endorsement to Carlos Silva. In a random manner, we polled registered voters residing in Silva’s district. The majority said they are satisfied with the job he has done during the six years he has served as councilman. Furthermore, we asked Silva about issues that concern the community. He has addressed them in a satisfactory manner, and has pledged to advocate for them in the Legislature if elected.

For example, Silva is opposed to the proposed halfway house on the West End, close to Went Field Park. He is opposed to City Council members being W employed by the city. If elected, he would introduce legislation to prohibit Council members from holding city jobs and would recommend changes to the City Charter to bar city employees from serving on the Council.

We believe that his six years of experience as a city legislator should enable Silva to make solid decisions and to advocate for our city at the state level. As a longtime resident, he is aware of Bridgeport’s weaknesses, strengths and needs.

In Carlos Silva, the voters have a candidate who has pledged to work on identified issues, hence residents have issues that could be utilized as accountability tools, should he get elected.

We urge residents of the 136th District to vote for Carlos Silva.

The schools where voters in the district need to report are: Thomas Hooker, Wilbur Cross, Park City, Hallen and Read. Voters should call the Registrar of Voters the day before the election to confirm their voting school.